Friday, August 27, 2010

Mid-Morning Snacks at Home: 12 Occasions to Devour Ice Cream (...all by yourself)

We are talking about ice cream. Ice cream, totally and completely. Not frozen yogurt or frozen ice or smoothie or gelato or granita or anything which is not ice cream.

And if you are about to raise an eyebrow and say to me, "January, aren't we supposed to have healthy snacks at late morning or at anytime of the day?", I am asking you to please hear me out. Just hear me out.

I strongly believe in living (or trying to live) a healthy life. Yet I strongly believe in that motto: "we have got to live a little." Hence this post.

You will not have ice cream for mid-morning snacks everyday. You absolutely will not. I strongly recommend you to feel free have it on any of these occasions only.

1. On a late morning you feel you need and want that yumminess from that contrasting duo of ice cream and hot tea or hot coffee (see the first photo).

2. On a late morning there happens to be some chocolate ice cream cake (see the third photo) leftover from the night before. It's a leftover, you wouldn't want it to sit too long in the freezer.

3. On a late morning you happen to have a chocolate chip cookie-ice cream sandwich (see the second photo) in the freezer. You bought it yesterday while doing grocery shopping; you really couldn't resist buying it. Since you have already bought it, you...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trendy Blog Award Bestowed on The Caffeinated Globe

Don't we all just love the word "trendy"? In blogland, there is an award under the name Trendy Blog Award. Which I am sure will bring such a delight to all recipients.

The award was created and originated by Tara, the blogger of Trendy Treehouse, located in the States.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Balcony Breakfast Ideas: Soothing

There is something about breakfast on a balcony. It seems to instantly inject that cheerful feeling into us every time.

And for some times in our life, when more than that is needed and wanted, when our mind, emotions, and feelings must be soothed, balcony breakfast never fails to deliver either. Instantly and with lasting effects, as many of you must have already experienced for yourselves.

For some of you who have never before tried this methodology for soothing, I have here 10 essential tips for that breakfast for you yourself and/or with your loved ones.

The 10 Essential Tips
1. For balcony breakfast, to soothe is to make people feel this feeling: "Life is beautiful, delicious, and uncomplicated."

2. Many people can be emotionally soothed if they get full exposure of sunlight. But for some people at some particular times in their lives, full exposure of sunlight means too much to bear. It takes some efforts to realize what type you (and your loved ones) are. After that, you can arrange things to suit you (and your loved ones).

3. Colors and texture of objects play very important roles in soothing.

4. Make sure you have something luxurious for food and/or beverages and/or table setting. Be it the teapot or the type of cheese. Luxury will instantly soothe people.

5. Make sure everything helps create the wholesome atmosphere and feelings. For soothing, wholesomeness is a requirement.

6. Dairy products, e.g. milk and/or cream and/or cheese are a must. Or for vegans: soy milk and/or soy cheese. These are comfort food. Comforting is part of soothing.

7. Fruits always pick up people's mood.

8. Honey is another must. It has that lovely touch. Loveliness is part of soothing.

9. Coffee or coffee drinks can be soothing (one of the world's best soothing medium, I shall say) to some people while it can add more stresses and troubled feelings to some people.

10. Tea or tea drinks seems to effectively soothe most people. A cup of hot chamomile tea or peppermint tea or lavender tea or green tea will superbly soothe us. But if you don't like those tea for breakfast, you can choose regular black tea or the luxurious English Breakfast tea. Chai is another recommended choice.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Making Some Delicious Pancakes

Good morning. For your breakfast, can I tempt you with some delicious pancakes? I knew you would love it. What toppings would you like with the pancakes? Good choices you made. And what caffeinated drink would you like? Okidoki, you sure love coffee.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Afternoon Tea Ideas: Scones and the Beauty of Wood

Oh yes, this post is for scone-lovers. Definitely. Are you one? If you are not yet one, I think there is a strong tendency you will become one in the soon future.

I find the correlation between scones and the beauty of wood very intriguing. Does the beauty of wood make scones more scrumptious? No, I don't think so. Scones by themselves are ultimately scrumptious, and scones and all their edible and drinkable accompaniments: clotted cream, jams, butter (for some people), and hot tea or iced tea, are ultimately delectable. I think the beauty of wood visually brings out the scrumptiousness of scones by themselves, and the delectability of scones and their accompaniments. Are you with me so far?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Camping Breakfast: Coffee, Eggs, Bacon, Potatoes...

Why do people love to go camping? I think breakfast plays a very important role in the answer.

Out in nature, the air always smells nice and fresh. But to almost all of us, what smell nicer are the freshly made coffee, the ripen fruits, and the freshly cooked food for breakfast.

Do you now smell that nice aroma of cooked eggs, bacon (and/or sausages), and potatoes?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tea Party Ideas: Chinese Bakery Sweet Delicacies

Of course I am fascinated with Chinese bakery sweet delicacies. My fascination with these creations can be summed up in one sentence: What's not to be fascinated with? Yeah, as simple as that.

However, you don't have to be fascinated with Chinese bakery sweet delicacies for featuring them at your afternoon tea party at home, and for the party to be a success. You have the love of tea, tea party, and delectable sweet creations.

Friday, August 20, 2010

For the Love of Doughnuts

Is there such a thing like forever love?

If there is, I think that kind of love goes for doughnuts along with coffee or coffee drinks.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fresh Blueberries for Blueberry Baked Creations

If you live in a country in which blueberries grow, you should find some time for the fun of blueberry picking and its aftermath -- baking blueberry sweet something, such as blueberry lemon cake.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lunch Party Ideas: Refreshing

These ideas for lunch I'm presenting don't necessarily have to be all about Japanese food or Asian food. (The title doesn't say Japanese-theme or Asian-theme.) I have chosen the photos of a Japanese cuisine lunch because its style clearly points out everything I want to say about this post.

I will take you to the tour of food names and descriptions first. The deliciousness you are seeing are:
- A set of appetizers (see the first photo): potato salad and gobo root salad served in the same bowl; edamame; and homemade cold tofu
- Close-up shot (see the third photo) of potato salad and gobo root salad served in the same bowl
- Teriyaki chicken and scrambled egg rice bowl (see the fourth photo)
- A set of matcha ice cream (see the fifth photo) and matcha latte (see the second photo)

I think many of you readers would feel the same way as I felt upon first seeing the photos. "Oh, it's all so refreshing!"

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Loving Bagels and Cheese

Can I ask you some questions about bagels? I want to know how do you like bagels for breakfast? As a sandwich, with some really good cheese, perhaps? And sometimes plus a cooked egg, cooked ham or bacon, and some fresh veggies, I guess.

How about your caffeinated choice for the deliciousness mentioned above? Hot coffee or hot tea or some other choice? Do you have the drink before, during, or after savoring bagels and cheese (plus all the extras sometimes)?

I think I'd better stop before it gets to the point that I have asked you too many questions.

P.S. No mentioning about bagels and cream cheese, and no mentioning about bagels and lox either. Because those edible pairings are two whole subjects, all by themselves.