Friday, August 27, 2010

Mid-Morning Snacks at Home: 12 Occasions to Devour Ice Cream (...all by yourself)

We are talking about ice cream. Ice cream, totally and completely. Not frozen yogurt or frozen ice or smoothie or gelato or granita or anything which is not ice cream.

And if you are about to raise an eyebrow and say to me, "January, aren't we supposed to have healthy snacks at late morning or at anytime of the day?", I am asking you to please hear me out. Just hear me out.

I strongly believe in living (or trying to live) a healthy life. Yet I strongly believe in that motto: "we have got to live a little." Hence this post.

You will not have ice cream for mid-morning snacks everyday. You absolutely will not. I strongly recommend you to feel free have it on any of these occasions only.

1. On a late morning you feel you need and want that yumminess from that contrasting duo of ice cream and hot tea or hot coffee (see the first photo).

2. On a late morning there happens to be some chocolate ice cream cake (see the third photo) leftover from the night before. It's a leftover, you wouldn't want it to sit too long in the freezer.

3. On a late morning you happen to have a chocolate chip cookie-ice cream sandwich (see the second photo) in the freezer. You bought it yesterday while doing grocery shopping; you really couldn't resist buying it. Since you have already bought it, you...