Saturday, July 31, 2010

Area Alla Caprese

Since I first tried it, I have always really Caprese salad and liked variations on it. The simple combination of basil, tomato and mozzarella might not just blow. A salad make no very good sandwich or nice rolls though. So with that in mind, I made me about an expression, the Caprese in the form of bread. Fresh grape tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella Pearl, olive oil and a little black pepper (if you pepper in it). I was a little concerned about the fresh mozzarella, as it tends to put out a fair amount of water, while melting, but it turned out just fine itself. The mozzarella leaves quite an interesting holes in the bread as it melts though! I was not worried about the tomatoes, the addition of water, bread because it was quite and were only partially roasted in the finished bread. This bread was very aromatic really good for oven toasted sandwiches and flavorful. I think in the future I'll small loaves, about 2 times to make the size of the regular dinner rolls. Perfect would be hot from the oven at this size.

Power: 2 medium or 3 small LoavesTime: day 1: elaborate starter. Day 2: Mix final dough, wrinkles dough form, proof and bake. Ingredients: OuncesGramsPercentStarterBread Flour8 oz230 g100%Water5.25 oz150 g67% 66% Levain3 oz85 g38% final DoughStarter16. 25 oz460. 7 g87.8%Bread Flour14. 5 oz411 g78.4%Semolina4 oz113. 4 g21.6% Water13. 35 oz378. 5 g72.2%Perle Mozzarella8 oz226. 8 g43.2%Grape Tomatoes9 oz255. 2 g48.6%Shredded fresh Basil5 oz141. 8 g27%Salt.25 oz7 g1.35%Olive Oil1 oz28. 4 g5.4%Final weight 71.35 oz2022. 8 g385.7%Directions:Elaborate your starter but you choose, but end up with the same flour and water weight. (or make a commercial yeast charge) Let him overnight.The next day cream the starters get water for the recipe, then add oil where. Also take the mozzarella balls from the fluid you in packed to come come and dry you paper towels.Mix together the flour and salt, then mix Pat in the dough just begins starter, shredded Basil and oil, til together as a ball. Let the dough sit that scrape dust room with flour and the dough in the bowl for 20 MinutesLightly of your brand or work carried out. Enter a route and wrinkles with lightly floured hands the dough, and then flatten it out into a rectangle. As possible to spread as much of the grape tomatoes and mozzarella over the top of the dough, then give it a fold or two, you to integrieren.sobald that included are, work the dough that a bit more, if necessary, and add the rest of the tomatoes and mozzarella letting you the shell covered for 40 minutes to an hour, turn the dough from (seam side upwards) and there are other lines and wrinkles, then at the Bowl return. Can the dough to give a home straight and after about 40 minutes.Let folds you the dough until almost doubled and turn it off again surface.Prepare well floured Brotforms or flour a towel to use your work, for the final proofing of bread. Treatment of the dough careful separate it into many pieces you want bread. Either bread in Boule shape to do Batards or a letter fold and for Brotforms extend you closely. Place the shaped breads in Brotforms or towels (seam side upward) bread be proof for me, covered, this was stone (on the Middle rack) and steam Pan about an hour and a half.Preheat oven to 500 degrees with your cheeks within and heat 2 cups water just shy of cooking. Very gently access bread rising on a towel and move to exfoliate with flour or cornmeal greaseproof paper. If you use Brotforms, just reverse the breads on parchment or exfoliate. Before you load the bread in the oven you will briefly a few flat characters. Download the bread in the oven and casting you carefully hot water in the steam pan. Caution of Windows and light bulbs in your oven.Bake for 10 minutes, turn 180 degrees of loaves and remove parchment paper, if use.Continue baking for another 10-25 minutes, should the loaves hollow on the bottom, if complete sound.Entfernen finished bread to a cooling rack to and leave for at least 1 hour before cutting.

As I mentioned, I think this bread would be really good for something greater than average rolls out of the oven because it was just wonderful HeiƟ.Und it was really great for sandwiches, it had to already so much flavour in it, I don't need much except add something in the middle and it toast do!The manner, the bakery changes the taste of tomatoes is just perfect, stay juicy, but get a beautiful concentration of your taste.

Well, thats the YeastSpotting template for this week something a bit different than all the fruit and nut bread, I have done recently habe.Aber don't worry, there's more of whom